MG Fiction – The Land of Roar

Although we just love the books we’ve chosen for our boxes, we’re really excited about some of the books that are out there for those aged 9-12. Recently, I’ve enjoyed reading The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan, so I thought I would tell you all about it!

The book opens as 12-year-old Arthur and Rose Trout help their grandad clear out the loft to make an amazing den for their visits. They find an old folding bed and begin to remember the amazing adventures they used to have in the land of Roar, roaming in the countryside, taming dragons, creating potions with a beautiful mermaid and casting spells with a wizard ninja. They also remember all the things that scared them on ‘The Bad Side’, including a creepy scarecrow.

Even though they feel very grown up now, and are about to start secondary school, they are forced to revisit their childhood games as grandad disappears into the folding bed. Racing against time to save grandad, Arthur and Rose must relive their adventures and put their differences behind them…

I just loved The Land of Roar! The world that Jenny McLachlan has created is so imaginative, and has loads of magical places and people that you can really see as you read.

Saving grandad is a great adventure for Arthur and Rose, and makes them remember all their friends and enemies in Roar. It tests their strength and their brainpower, and the book is so exciting to read, really keeping you on the edge of your seat!

I won’t spoil the end of the book, but let’s just say that I can see another book following this one, and I would love to read more of Arther and Rose’s adventures!

We hope to let you know more about the range of MG fiction out there, but we’d also love to have some recommendations from you! What books have you read recently that you would like to tell people about?

If you’d like to write a review of your favourite books for children aged 9-12, why not get your parent to send it to us? Perhaps you’ll see it posted on our website!

The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan is published by Egmont UK.

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